In 1999 a customer came in to my Surfboard Factory and asked if I could "glass" his bar top like a surfboard. I said, "yes" and AMERICAN BARTOPTM was unknowingly born.

Several years and several thousand surfboards later, through word of mouth a small chain requested epoxy resin coatings for their bar tops & tabletops. "I took on the job and many more that followed, and AMERICAN BARTOPTM thrived. I am proud of the accomplishments of AMERICAN BARTOPTM and never forget what got me there - my roots in surfboard building." 

"The name AMERICAN BARTOPTM came from my grandfather, who came from Greece to America, and started the AMERICAN BAR.  I  added "TOP" to the end and continued the business in honor of his memory."

T.J. Shaul - Owner

AMERICAN SURFBOARD REPAIRTM is the ONLY repair shop in the South Bay that can boast 20 years of experience as a PRODUCTION surfboard builder. T.J. has built more than 50,000 surfboards in his laborious career as a production board builder. All of this experience is concentrated to give the customer ONLY the best quality service.  Your boards are meticulously repaired to be SOLID and completed in a timely manner.

Resin tables have a heat deflection rate of 180 degrees - DO NOT place items of 180 degrees or hotter on the surface.
All tops for INDOOR USE ONLY. DO NOT place heavy or sharp items on surface.
Do not impact or crush tops.

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